Preparing your home for sale

Walk through your home as if you were a potential buyer, what would you see? Most buyers come to inspect your home with a vision and a dream in their mind of what the property will look like and how it will allow them to create their desired lifestyle. To make the right impression, it is often the little things that can make an enormous difference.

Remember, you’re selling a lifestyle, so the more attention to detail you provide, the more exciting your home will become, and purchasers will want to stay for longer or come back for a second look. Furniture can dramatically affect the mood of a property and create a lifestyle illusion. If your furniture is not up to scratch consider updating or hiring through a rental company. As part of our service, we’ll be happy to introduce you to a wide network of trusted and experienced tradespeople and suppliers who can assist you to prepare your property.


Create an atmosphere & ambience:

• Vases of fresh flowers

• Pleasant scented oils

• During warmer months have windows open for fresh air

• Classical background music – Not too loud

• Air conditioner on during summer

• A cosy open fire in Winter

• Modern furniture – consider hiring furniture if needed

• Eliminate clutter

• A fresh coat of paint can add thousands of dollars

• Take pets with you during inspections & eliminate pet smells

• Steam clean carpet areas

• Create a clean, sweet-smelling bathroom with neat folded hotel style towels

• Smoke outside during campaign

• Freshly mowed lawn & clean pathways

• Clean Windows

• Wash and store dishes

• Clean bench tops

• Make up beds

• Open curtains and blinds

• Turn on lights in dark rooms or passage ways

• Put toys away

• Coffee brewing or a freshly baked cake